Friday, October 22, 2010

This one's for the G's!

All right Galaxy fans! It’s time to get pumped. Our Galaxy are in a do or die situation, I don’t know about you but I want that supporters shield. With a win on Saturday we got this, anything else is unacceptable. Sure we might get by with a tie depending on what happens with RSL, but is that the way we want to win this? Really it’s a shame it came down to the last game of the season. The Galaxy team we see today is definitely not the same one we seen at the beginning of the season, but that’s ok. We have been taking tough losses, but are still in a position to take the league to the bank. Heading into the playoffs we have a healthy roster again so there are no excuses. This season has been one hell of a ride, tons of ups and downs but here we are G fans. Our team needs us, we need to answer. This Sunday let’s make sure our voices are heard and really make the Home Depot Center a hostile environment for Dallas. Wear what you got as long as it’s blue, white or gold and put those scarves up! If there were ever a game to be loud and crazy, this is the one. So join me Galaxy Fans, let’s not wait till Sunday. Let’s dedicate this weekend to the Gs! I’ll be rocking my Galaxy Jersey’s all weekend long. Wherever I go or whatever I do, this weekend is for the gold, white and blue! Bring on Dallas, #suckas! LETS GO GALAXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Disastrous Start for the 49ers, 0-4

     Yesterday the Niners lost a heartbreak game in Atlanta on a last second field goal after it seemed like the Niners were gonna win when Nate Clements intercepted Matt Ryan with just under two minutes left but then fumbled the ball back to the Falcons and gave them another chance in which they capitalized and won the game. The Niners could easily have been at least 2-2 with possible wins over the Saints and Falcons but they just found a way to lose both games. I'm a die hard Niners fan and I've been very critical of our QB Alex Smith. I've never liked Alex and I don't see him being the quarterback to lead us back into being one of the premier teams in the NFL. I don't know what the Niners see in this guy. He doesn't look like a guy with the confidence to be playing the most important position in the NFL. Now obviously to be 0-4 there are more problems on this team but the main problem is Alex. If the 49ers keep waiting on their former number one pick to develop into the quarterback they thought he would, they will keep waiting till he's no longer in the league. Now let's look at the positive side. We play in the NFC WEST! The weakest division in the NFL in which I believe we are the best team and will win the division. That being said it starts with this Sunday night at home against the Eagles. The Eagles are a dangerous team but took a big hit when they lost Mike Vick yesterday. How Kevin Kolb will do should he get the start is a mystery but he hasn't looked very good. I'm confident enough that even if Vick starts we can still get our first win of the season being at home and on national TV. Until then let's just hope Mike Singletary can keep the team focused, determined, and with the belief that they can still come back and make the playoffs. We just gotta take it one week at a time and I really, really, really, truly hope that Alex Smith shuts me up and shines. Always GO 49ERS!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Without a captain the ship will sink

     Saturday night the LA Galaxy took on the KC wizards at the Home Depot Center in what many thought would be the turn around game for LA, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. At this time I would like to give a warning, what you are about read is solely my opinion and I will probably say some things you will not agree with. We don’t have to agree, but at least hear me out.

     The Wizards took us down 2-0 at home, how the heck did that happened? While most people will look for answers as to what was different with the Galaxy I decided to take a look at what’s been consistently wrong. Many may consider this blasphemy but I’m calling out names starting with Ricketts. Remember when were shutting out teams and everyone was going home with unused chicken coupons? Suddenly things get rocky in the back 4 and we start to lose. Now let me see if I got this right, when we lose it’s the defense’s fault right? But when we got all those shutouts we gave the credit to Ricketts? The mistakes the defense makes have never lead to a 1 on 1 between Ricketts and a striker. Saturday’s second goal was all Rickett’s fault. It’s hard to block a goal off the post but it’s even harder when you are blocking the far post on a free kick from almost midfield. When ever I watch a game with a soccer fan who has never watched the MLS before the first thing I always hear is “your keeper sucks.” Being the loyal a Galaxy fan I always answer “he started the season with 9 shutouts and he’s the MLS All-Star’s keeper” only to be hear back “he must have a great defense in front of him.” Sure he made some great saves, but his wild goal kicks up top are just basically giving away possession, and we all know that the Galaxy’s strength is in its speed. How can we expect them to be quick when they have to use their legs to win the ball back every time it’s a goal kick?. How can we expect to get into an offensive rhythm if we have to fight for the ball most of the game? I believe this is where the galaxy miss Juninho the most, when he's in the middle the Galaxy win more possession and that allows Donovan to spread out more and save his legs for his sprints, not just chasing the ball around. Another name that needs to be called out is Leonardo, whose mistakes never lead directly to a goal but result in other defenders having to over help leaving another man open. He’s also not good at handling pressure, and the Galaxy have been seeing a lot of that lately. De La Garza isn’t exactly the Galaxy’s answer to this spot, but I believe he’s capable of filling those shoes while Berhalter is away. Still, this is not Rickett’s fault or Leonardo’s fault. This is the team’s fault, and when that happens we look at the captain and the coach to make the adjustments on and off the field.

     Ever see Kobe grab a teammate by the jersey and give him hell for missing a mark? Or watch him demand the ball and put up a 3? Listen to him give the ref a mouthful and get a technical? Remember when Phil Jackson publicly called out Gasol and let him know his team was counting him? These are the things that separate the champions from everyone else. I hate to say it but we’re not looking like champions by any sense of the word. See Kobe seems to understand one thing that Landon doesn’t and that is that there is a time to play your role, and a time to be a leader. Lets face it, the passion is gone from the Galaxy and that all falls on leadership. Where’s the fire?! Where’s the magic?! Where’s the Galaxy team that we all fell in love with that played every game like it was for the championship?! See that picture up above of Donovan, when's the last time you seen that passion?  Donovan seemed really interested in leaving during the transfer window, maybe his heart left but he’s stuck here and it’s showing in his game. The Galaxy need a captain and they need one now. I know one guy who would love that armband…here’s looking at you Beckham. @Trunksra

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Soccer: It's status in the U.S.A

Good Afternoon everyone. Hope you're having a great day. Today I'd like to talk about the great sport of Soccer or how I first learned to say it, futbol. Before I became a complete fan of all sports I was first a fan of soccer. Growing up in a Mexican family that's the only sport worth talking and watching. I watched the FMF mostly but I'm more of an International fan. International soccer is more than just soccer. They're representing a whole country and in this sport that's big. That's why my favorite sporting event is the World Cup. One true champion and everyone else comes in second place. Not literally but you know what I mean. Soccer is the worlds number one sport no doubt about that but, that fact does not apply in the U.S. The Men's national team is improving, and the Women's team is dominating, more and more kids across the States are growing up playing soccer, but it's still not catching on to the overall mainstream of sports that is football, basketball, and baseball. My take on this is very simple. We are spoiled to be able to be a fan of great leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, both College football and basketball,  and for some the NHL. We can choose what we want to play or follow. There's also other things like tennis, boxing, golf, etc. Most other countries don't have this and their whole core revolves around soccer. It doesn't help that the media never talks about soccer unless the Men's national team is doing something big. I have never turned on a radio station that has it's topic on the MLS. Sure ESPN carries some MLS games but It's never talked about on the biggest sports show on TV that is Sportscenter. They only talk about it when big names are in the news or if it's the MLS  championship and even then they don't mention it till the end of the show. Any other championship is talked about through the whole show. Its sucks but that's the way it is and I don't see it changing anytime soon. In my opinion the MLS will never catch on to the other leagues because of the reasons I've mentioned and THEY ARE NOT GETTING ANY HELP FROM THE MEDIA! Like I said, I personally love the sport, am not an MLS fan, but I do hope that it gets to a point where we include it with the other sports. Then I might jump on the bandwagon. Thanks for reading. - Ramses Sanchez - @Sportsallday83

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hitchhiker's Guide to the L.A. Galaxy

Happy Monday! Galaxy fans it’s time for another Hitchhikers Guide to the L.A. Galaxy. It’s been kind of a crazy week for me and I’ve been a little short on time. There has been a lot going on in the MLS and a lot in my life so it’s hard to find a balance between the 2. Still, I will always love the Galaxy and for that reason alone, I will make time to blog. Let’s tweet it up.

@llovelylleslie “Omar Omar Omar USA USA USA!!!!”

Way to go Omar! Making U.S. fans and Galaxy fans proud playing in his first ever cap for the USMNT. Omar Gonzalez got the starting role and held it down the whole game against Brazil. He did look a little fatigued, but with his schedule who could blame him. Lets hope he makes it to Brazil in 2014.

@LizLeppanen: - Daughter showing off her Landon tattoo she got at the @LAGalaxy Soccerfest on Saturday.”

That “tattoo” looks great, where do I get mine?

@RaymondLeone: “La Gazzeta dello Sport FRONTPAGE Aug. 6 Dinho verso i Galaxy "Ronaldinho to the Galaxy"

We all saw it and by now we all know it’s not true. Well, at least for now…

@Edge4L: “check out David Beckham in this years @lagalaxy jersey picture taken by Robert Mora”

David Beckham is back with the team, well not completely back but it feels good to see him back in a Galaxy jersey. He should be ready to play by October 1st, but knowing David we know there is a good chance we will be back before then. Since the Galaxy didn’t sign a 3rd DP we can expect the focus to shift in Beckham’s direction, let’s hope he’s up for the challenge.

@floyd88snyder: “Real Madrid come back to beat Los Angeles Galaxy in 5 goal thriller”

I know this game was only 9 days ago but it already feels like forever. What a great game, both sides were able to provide some great play and even a little kung fu. I remember reading another tweet on this that made me laugh, something like “Our starters kicked your ass the second half, oh yea? Well our starters kicked your ass the first half.” Lol, yeah that pretty much sums it up but the final score of 3-2 tells a lot more.

@beck723: “wish beckham can help @LAGalaxy win the title this season, and eventually proves capello wrong and gets his place back in the england squad”

This week Fabio Capello announced that Beckham would no longer be called to play for England’s national squad. He offered Beckham the chance for a farewell match in November, but Beckham’s people were quick to decline stating that Beckham was surprised to hear Capello’s announcement and was under the impression he would get to play for England in the 2012 Euro Cup. “The End of an Era” were the headlines coming out of England shortly after the announcement, but I don’t believe it. Beckham has made a career out of proving people wrong and Capello’s words have surely fueled the fires of Beckham's return. Let’s hope that all this motivation will transfer into on-field success for Beckham and the Galaxy.

@BradLtv: “@edsonbuddle congrats on your 13th goal yesterday! you carried the @lagalaxy to a win!! @lagalaxy still #1 in the West”

Saturday the Galaxy stuck it to a sold out Red Bull arena with a 1-0 victory over the Red Bulls. Sure 1-0 doesn’t sound like much but honestly the Galaxy were in full control of this game. Edson Buddle scored his 13th goal, this guy is on fire! We may not have signed a 3rd DP but with Buddle and Gonzalez it feels like we’re cheating with 4 DP’s. The Galaxy were looking like the team we seen start off the season so hot, mostly because of the return of Juninho…or maybe the absence of Gordo. Juninho made his presence felt in the midfield, something that the G’s have been lacking for some time now. Magee also returned to Galaxy, but looked a little sluggish and also made some risky tackles. I’m a fan of Magee, I’m sure once the rust wears off we can expect some great play from him. Bruce Arena had to watch the game from a suite having spent the 2 nights prior to the game in the hospital with “viral complications.” Let’s hope Arena gets better soon, he didn’t seem to bad up in the suite. Overall the Galaxy are looking great and are only going to get better with Beckham's return, it looks like we are on our way back to the MLS cup. Go Galaxy!

That’s it for this edition of Hitchhiker’s guide to the LA Galaxy, thanks for reading. @Trunksra